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Your search for "rose gold" revealed the following:

Rose Gold Lead Rope

$ 24.00

Waldhausen rose gold black leather/nylon lead rope.  Matches the rose gold leather halter.

Rose Gold Pad and Bonnet Set HKM

$ 99.99

HKM Sports Equipment Rose Gold Saddle Pad and Bonnet Set.  From the Space line of tack.  Pads are all purpose...

Rose Gold Stirrup Irons

$ 68.00

Waldhausen Rose Gold Fillis Stirrup Irons.  4.75" footbed width.  Matching spurs, bridles, halters and leads also on our website!

Rose Gold Saddle Pad

$ 45.00 $ 75.00

Waldhausen quality rose gold saddle pad.  Black base with micro suede top.  Wick away lining and rose gold ribbon trim....

Rose Gold Leather Halter

$ 80.00

Waldhausen quality leather halter with rose gold padding on nose and crown, rose gold fittings.  Black leather. Adjustable chin, clip...

Rose Gold English Spurs

$ 40.00

Ladies stainless spurs in rose gold.  Come with nylon straps.

HKM Stirrups Space Jin

$ 79.99

HKM's jin-like stirrups with a deep footbed and grippy tread.  Weigh just over 2lbs/pr. 4.75” width. 

English Spurs Space

$ 28.00

HKM's english spurs, 20mm length.  Match the space stirrups.